BDM Staff

700 H Street Room 7650
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: 916. 874.5885 

Britt Ferguson, Chief Fiscal Officer
Phone: 916.874.5473


Vacant, Management Analyst III
Team Leader

Margie Daugherty, Management Analyst II - Phone: 916.874.5071
Board of Supervisors, Civil Service Commission, Clerk of the Board, County Library, and Environmental Management
Summary of Positions

Vivian Gerlach, Management Analyst II - Phone: 916.874.6160
Development & Code Services: Affordability Fee/Building Inspection/Code Enforcement/Neighborhood Revitalization, Economic Development, Natomas Fire District, Fair Housing, Planning & Environmental Review and Transient Occupancy Tax

Justin Honea, Management Analyst I - Phone: 916.874.5579
Agricultural Commissioner, Contribution to LAFCo & Law Library, Cooperative Extension, County Executive, County Executive Cabinet, Court: County Contribution/Non-Trial Court Operations/Paid County Services, Dept. of Technology: Data Processing-Shared Systems/Regional Radio/Cost Recovery Fee, Dispute Resolution, Grand Jury, Regional Parks/Golf/Dependent Districts, Veteran's Facility and Wildlife Services

Louis Jarvis, Management Analyst II - Phone: 916.874.4300
Correctional Health Services, District Attorney, Indigent Defense: Conflict Criminal Defender/Public Defender,  Labor Relations, Office of Inspector General, Probation and Sheriff
Realignment Revenue Projections

Brandon Ladd, Management Analyst II - Phone: 916.874.6163
Assessor, Connector Joint Powers Authority, Transportation and Water Resources & Agency

​​Jeff King, Management Analyst III
Team Leader
Phone: 916.874.1488
Animal Care & Regulations, General Services: Capital Construction Fund,  Personnel Services: Liability/Property Insurance/Unemployment Insurance/Workers Compensation Insurance.
Animal Care Management Assistant, Annexations, Homelessness

Elisa Carvalho, Management Analyst II - Phone: 916.874.5433
Coroner, County Clerk/Recorder: Office of Compliance, Department of Finance, Emergency Services, First 5 Sacramento Commission, Voter Registration & Elections and Waste Management & Recycle

Ellen Hildebrand, Management Analyst II - Phone: 916.874.5433
Airport System, Child Support Services, County Counsel, Department of Human Assistance (Administration) and Human Assistance-Aid Payments
Realignment/Prop 172, SHRA

Ute Lavorico, Management Analyst II - Phone: 916.874.6112
Child, Family and Adult Services, Health Services: Health-Medical Treatment Payments/IHHS Provider Payments/Juvenile Medical Services
 IHSS Public Authority  

Xue Xiong, Management Analyst II - Phone: 916.874.5895
Appropriation for Contingency, Board of Retirement, Community Investment Program, Department of Revenue Recovery, Financing - Transfers/Reimbursements, Non-Departmental Budgets
Budget Schedules, Teeter Plan, Gann Limit, Board Tobacco Litigation Settlement (TLS), and Community Improvement Fund Allocations

County Debt Officer

Kristen Yates, County Debt Officer
Phone: 916.874.5239
Debt Issuance and Refunding, Debt Management, Tax/Assessment District Financing Administration, Economic Trend Analysis and Monitoring, Post Issuance Administration, Fixed Asset Acquisition Fund (FAAF).

Youa Xiong, Management Analyst II – Phone: 916.874.1638
Debt Issuance Administration, Tax/Assessment District Financing Administration, Capital Improvement Plan Administration, Economic Trend Analysis and Monitoring, Post Issuance Administration, Fixed Asset - Revolving (FAAF) and Interagency Procurement (FAAF)  and Tobacco Litigation - Capital Projects. 

Carolyn Nguyen, Management Analyst I - Phone: 916.874.5553
Debt Issuance Administration, Tax/Assessment District Financing Administration, Capital Improvement Plan Administration and Economic Trend Analysis and Monitoring.

Alexandra Cadena, Administrative Services Officer II - Phone: 916.874.4421
Financing District Administration and Analysis

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